All On Me (Pop​/​Acoustic​/​Demo)

by A Hard Knock Life

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From UpComing A HARD KNOCK LIFE ACOUSTIC EP *Crooks And Theives*


I stare out my car window
At a stop of red light
Count every single drop of rain
For every damn time
That I’ve let myself get caught up under the weather
Oh yeah

Can’t help but let myself
Be all over your radar
I’m a man of my convictions
Running mouth won’t get far
If everything comes with a price
You can bet that my respect aint free!

You don’t know a thing ‘bout me
Couldn’t pick me out a lineup of crooks and thieves
All I want: savor fame and glory, go down in history
I know it’s all on me

I’ve been patient for a time
For life to piece me into place
I haven’t givin’ up
So this is why I Stay awake
And keep my eyes wide and peeled for
The right moment to make my move (whoa-whoa)

I have a hunch you’ll recognize me
When I’m the one through your earpiece
I have a hunch you’ll recognize me
When I’m the one…calling the shots front and behind the scenes

-CH (2x)-


released February 7, 2013
Doody-Vox/Acoustic guitar



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